Is the language simple? Can I comprehend all the topics being a novice student in Economics, Finance, or Quantitative Aptitude?

Is the language simple? Can I comprehend all the topics being a novice student in Economics, Finance, or Quantitative Aptitude?

Know about the complete framework of Anuj Jindal’s course here:Fundamentally, the course has been structured from the very basic to the advanced level so that a beginner can smoothly start his/her journey to becoming an RBI Grade B officer.

There are many students who begin just like a novice but eventually succeed in grabbing a good command over subjects like Finance, Management, and Economics, etc. because the tutelage is facilitated in an easier and radical manner which allows you to dismantle the complex concepts of the Economics, Finance, Management, Quantitative Aptitude etc.

To simplify the course, we have devised a 13-weeks plan through which a candidate can prepare for RBI Grade B in an aggregate of 5–6 months while dedicating 3–4 hours of studies on a daily basis.

The 13-weeks plan encompasses the complete Phase 2 syllabus of RBI Grade B. In this 13-weeks plan, the entire syllabus of Phase 2 of RBI Grade B has been bifurcated on a weekly basis by using colour codes to single out the course targets for the students. For Phase 1 the complete syllabus has been split in the weekly targets and expounded in the same manner. A student can prepare for Phase 1 within eight weeks with the weekly targets.

Besides this, the entire course has been taught by using easy language and simple terms to make the students understand the concepts. Furthermore, the terminology which is used in the video lectures and PDF is commonplace and is widely available on google. But in case you get stuck anywhere then you can contact us for the clarification of your doubts through these modes.

For clarification of doubts, we have four channels of redressal:-

  • The Live sessions: we conduct regular live sessions for the clarification of student’s doubts. You can also participate in them to ask queries from the faculty directly.
  • Personal Communication: You can call us at 9999466225. Personal guidance through Whatsapp and email is also provided to the students. You can Whatsapp us on 9999466225 and mail us at
  • Telegram Group: There is a telegram group where Anuj sir and students actively participate in the discussions on the topics pertinent for RBI Grade B exam. Your queries will get resolved in this group.
  • Discussion Forum: There is a discussion forum attached right next to the pdf and videos where you can post your queries.